It was amazing! Who do you think could win in a race with jungle animals? Could the winner be a tiger or spider? Perhaps, an elephant or a giraffe? What about a boar or even a snake? Josh the jaguar had a big idea. He wanted to run a race and asked the other jungle animals to join in. Surprisingly, there were lots of participant in many various sizes. Jessica the giraffe stepped out of her bubble bath and a sunbathing elephant too. A gorilla weighing more than a ton, zebras, and a lion. But, the most interesting participant for this great race was a very crafty sake. He used fear to intimidate all the other animals, who then began to doubt their abilities. Timmy the tiger and Joshua the jaguar simply plugged their ears and thought positive thoughts. Who could win this race against such a long and slithery sneak? Author Robert Logan Rogers and illustrator Rachel McCoy have created a unique story filled with fantastic and vibrant pictures of animals found in the jungle. The simple sentence structure is a great starter read for any beginner. The message readers will find is to be confident and to ignore negativity. Readers will be able to identify these animals and root for their favorite. Parents and teachers will approve of this fun read.

- Kristi Bernard - Reviewed from GOODREADS

Playful rhymes of creative creatures who together devise a plan for all in the jungle to race for a mile. As many of the creatures decide to join the race, the sly and deceitful snake does so as well. The snake also threatens the other creatures, bringing fear among them. But when the race actually starts, will the creatures overcome their fears?

For a debut, this is amazingly written and illustrated. The rhymes are easy to follow, except for my inability to annunciate properly while reading to my 6-year-old. I happened to trip over words several times, using imaginary words, then realized I didn’t read the words right and the actual text sounds so much better!

My 6-year-old son says he likes the book and wants to add it to his collection. His favorite illustration is the image of the snake who rolled down the path with its tail in its mouth, rolling as if it were a tire speeding down the road. The picture has lightning streaming out of the eyes of the snake. He thought that was the coolest part of the book.

Personally, I thought it was a long story at first, but I was very drowsy the first time I attempted to read it. As I read the story to my son this evening, he was actively engaged and curious what would happen next, especially after the cunning snake was introduced. At the end, he excitedly exclaimed, “I like this book!”

- Theodene Allen

A nicely illustrated children's tale that has a cast of jungle characters running a race. While most are scared off by a slimy snake, two heroes emerge to show that positive thinking can overcome fear. It's a good message for children to learn, and the book has some nice rhymes. However, the verses are a bit consistent - some of the rhyming and phrasing feels clunky or forced, while others are smooth and full of delight. A mixed bag in terms of the text, the illustrations are very good overall, full of color and life. This is a book that many parents can enjoy reading to their children, a fun wee story with a good message.

- Craig Sisterson

This fun book is written in rhyme. A giraffe, a tiger, and a jaguar while playing around together one day decide to plan a friendly race to run a mile. They want to invite all their jungle friends, the tall and the small, to join in the fun, so they send a little bird off to spread the word about the upcoming event.

On the given day the excitement is high and everyone present wants to be the winner. One of the entrants is the cunning, crafty snake, "Crawling and sneering/ Would enter the snake." He declares that he WILL be the winner thus casting fear and trembling amongst the other participants. "He played with their minds/ and he never was hurried."

Those remarks left the animals all feeling down and scared, thinking that there was no chance now at winning because of that sly, mean old snake. Everyone was affected by the scheming, boasting snake, except the tiger and the jaguar. Using mind over matter and a huge dose of positive thinking they find a way to outsmart that old reptile and prove to their friends that no one has to succumb to fear and give in or give up their aspired hopes and dreams.

They become super-heroes of the day by displaying super creativity and demonstrating its power to all those around them.

The illustrations are truly wonderful. They are colorful, expressive and dove-tail perfectly with the text. This book teaches your child a valuable life lesson about facing your fears, rising above them and coming out a winner.

- Marilyn

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